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Delighted to have the whole 8 series of Zena Rommett's Floor Barre DVDs back in stock, just arrived from the States. We've also introduced a discount system for this product: the more you order, the more you save. Order all 8 and you can save a massive £30 off the regular price!


14/03/2017 20:50 By Dance Online

We are so pleased to have added a selection of dance related books to our product portfolio.

The excellent 'A Choreographer's Handbook' by Jonathan Burrows which is a must for choreographers, those studying choreography or simply those with an interest in the creative process of dance.

Its quirky and easy reading style encourages in an informal way to think more creatively and to be braver in your choreography. 

26/03/2013 19:11 By Dance Online Dance, books, choreography,

We listened to our customers and decided to make some different shipping options available alongside 1st class (UK) and Standard Airmail (Worldwide). At checkout you can now also choose Special Delivery for UK orders and Airsure for 26 world destinations (full list here).

These new options allow you to track your parcel and should guarantee a faster delivery.

We also revised our delivery prices to more accurately reflect current Royal Mail rates. Postage charges for single items, which represent the vast majority of our orders, are now cheaper, with any subsequent item incurring a small additional charge.

Visit our Delivery page for more details.

15/02/2013 14:13 By Dance Online
We are pleased to announce that dance Online now accepts credit card payments via WorldPay, an extra-secure payment service used by millions of online stores worldwide. Until now we only accepted payments by PayPal, but we found that a small number of customers was having problems paying by credit card through the PayPal page without having to sign up for a PayPal account. We are constantly trying to improve the buying experience for our customers, so you will now be able to choose between PayPal and Credit Card payment at checkout. In addition, you can now select your preferred currency when browsing our catalogue: British Pound Sterling, Euro or US Dollar. We hope this will help our international customers to get a better idea of our prices without having to resort to third-party currency converters. Our conversion rates are updated daily via the WebserviceX system, so while our GBP prices remain constant, prices in EUR and USD will vary.
09/02/2013 14:01 By Dance Online

Made a New Year's Resolution to get back in shape?

Perhaps you studied ballet as a child and the years have rolled by since. Revisit your ballet technique and wake up that muscle memory. Ballet improves your posture, strength, stamina, concentration, co-ordination and flexibility. Studies show it is as relaxing as yoga. It is never too late to return to ballet!

Our latest release Adult Ballet Class with Glauco Di Lieto is perfect for those looking to get back into ballet. Specially designed to be able to done at home, you don't even need to step out the front door! 

The class is available for download right now. What are you waiting for?!

06/01/2013 18:11 By Dance Online
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