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Boris Kniaseff Floor barre downloads

25/01/2019 18:51 By Glauco Di Lieto

Massively excited about finally releasing Stephane Dalle's floor barre classes as downloadable videos. Stephane's DVDs have been best sellers in our store for years and we really believe in the benefits of this method (talking from personal experience!) Until now we haven't owned the rights to the classes, acting instead as UK distributors for the DVDs. As of this year, we are proud to be sole worldwide distributors for these classes and have acquired the rights to the original footage, meaning that we can offer the videos as digital products.

Two years ago (2017) sales of film streaming and downloads overtook DVD sales for the first time, a trend that's unlikely to change. We passionately believe that digital is the way forward: it's faster, more convenient, more echo-friendly - and best of all, it doesn't get lost in the post! When given a choice, most customers these days will opt for downloads.

Interested in the classes? Head over to our product pages and select your levels, then download instantly. As with the DVDs, there are savings to be made by ordering multiple levels.