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New Resource for Ballet Teachers

17/12/2012 09:35 By Dance Online New, Resource, Ballet, Adult, Teachers,

Are you or do you know a BALLET TEACHER considering introducing an Adult Ballet Class at your school in the new year?

Introducing Adult Ballet Class (Improvers - Level 1) with Glauco Di Lieto TEACHERS EDITION.

The DVD consists of our best selling regular class plus an ADDITIONAL 24 minutes of teachers notes. Each exercise is introduced by Glauco giving detailed advice about corrections and technique that ballet instructors will find invaluable.

Here is a transcript of one of the notes:


10) Adage Developpe

The one thing that I always stress in the adage is that if you want to lift the working leg higher, first you have to press into the floor with the supporting leg.

Right from the moment you shift the weight onto the back leg at the start of the exercise to go into a developpe, you are pushing down, stretching and lengthening the whole supporting side.

In addition, a strong stomach will help lift the leg devant, a strong lower back will help with derriere and strong side muscles are required for developpe a la seconde, so if a dancer struggles with any of these, they should look at body conditioning exercises to strengthen those weak areas.

Once again we are going to alternate the legs in order to lighten the load and we will try lifting the leg first from developpe, then from the floor, which uses different muscles.

It’s always important to include a high rond de jambe, which should be controlled in the hips with the weight staying on the supporting leg at all times, good arm/leg coordination and the working leg not dropping (if anything lifting) during the rond.

Some dancers often need to be told off for lifting their legs too high and losing control of their hips, though the adults tend to do this much less than younger students because of reduced flexibility. Sometimes you may actually have to ask the more mature dancers to push the height a bit more, if you feel that there is potentially more flexibility that they are not using.

As with the frappes, we are performing the adage to both sides without a pause, which is good for building stamina but can be quite tough for the less experienced dancers, so you may prefer to stop half way through and let students catch their breath while you correct any mistakes.