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Contemporary Dance Course for Teachers with Irena Tatiboit DVD+CD+Booklet

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This exciting new addition to our catalogue is a complete contemporary dance course aimed at those interested in teaching children.
All material is presented in the following five languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Polish.
The stunningly presented boxed set comprises:

- 184 pages in five languages
- Descriptions of all exercises with corrections of movements: the purpose of the principles and "what not to do"
- Lexicon, a complete glossary of terms for Modern Dance

- 16 filmed exercises
- 90 filmed in close-up sequences
- Lesson Exercises: warm-up on the floor, the combinations of movements and improvisations
- Exercises are commented with very precise details in five languages to choose from

Music especially composed for accompaniment of lessons

As well as being an informative package for teachers, this would make a beautiful gift for those who are passionate about dance education.

Irena Tatiboit Biography


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We are proud to offer the first in a set of classes (5 series) of Modern Dance directed by Irena Tatiboit.

This first series of 16 exercises, designed for children 8 to 10 years old, builds a comprehensive and rigorous technical foundation by tapping into the many levels of the art of movement.

With very precise descriptions, this course has a real educational purpose: it is not a just a class being filmed, but a set of instructions, with individual examples seen in close-ups, group exercises and corrections of errors.

The exercises are systematically broken down by the teacher to understand their purpose. The 180-page booklet reproduces all descriptions and includes a complete glossary of terms for Modern Dance to allow the full comprehension of these movements.

It is an effective teaching method developed by Irena Tatiboit, but each teacher can actively invent a personal vocabulary according to his or her own educational choices.

For almost 20 years, Irena Tatiboit has been experimenting with this concept at the school Le Carre d'Art in Strasbourg, with the goal of annual performances with all her dancers.

The Director of Le Carré d'Art intentionally had her own students perform the exercises in the video; because they are sometimes hesitant, this helps to clarify the educational progression of the exercises.

Irena Tatiboit is a graduate of the Warsaw Opera. She was a dancer with the National Ballet of Poland and has taught in many countries around the world.

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