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Q. How do I access my downloadable products?

A. The best way to access your downloadable products immediately after purchase is to access the Dance Online account you created at checkout.

1. Go to My Account:

My Account

2. Log in at the next screen, using the email address and password you used to register.

3. Click on "My Downloadable Products":

My Downloadable Products

4. You will be taken to your list of downloadable products, with the download links you need:

Download links


Q. I already purchased one/two classes from a set of three, now I would like to purchase the others. How do I get the full discount?

A. Please Contact us with your order number, we will send you a discount code to enter at checkout. Your final discount will be the same as if you had ordered all three classes at once.

Q. Why did I not receive a confirmation email containing the links?

A. Confirmation emails are sent out automatically with every order, but in some cases your email provider will mark our emails as spam, because they contain links to external sources. In particular, Hotmail and Gmail customers seem to be affected. Please check all spam folders in your mailbox (they may be called Spam, Junk or other names) and also check that you can access your Dance Online account (see above) using the email address you are expecting the emails to be delivered to. If your login is not recognised, it's possible the your email address was misspelt at registration, and our systems are trying to send your confirmation emails to a mailbox that doesn't exist.

Q. I can't complete my downloads / I downloaded my products but can't open them. 

A. Because our downloadable products come in different formats, each product description contains different instructions for downloading and playing the content. Please visit the product page for the product you ordered and scroll down to the full description. iPad and iPhone users in particular often struggle to play some of our downloadable content, so we included instructions for those users.

Still having trouble downloading after trying everything else? No problem! Contact us with your order number and we will email you the files via WeTransfer. In most cases, this solves the issue of interrupted / incomplete downloads.