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  • David Plumpton: Modern Melodies 2 - Ballet CD
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  • David Plumpton Pianist
  • David Plumpton Pianist

David Plumpton: Modern Melodies 2 - Ballet CD

Quick Overview

40 new tracks of modern music specifically arranged for ballet class and recorded by Northern Ballet pianist David Plumpton

Total duration: 78 minutes


Availability: In stock


More modern tunes played expertly on the piano to accompany ballet class. 

A broad selection of modern day tunes that include current chart hits like Firework to modern TV hits like Downton Abbey! With a sprinkling of big movie themes and classic UK TV greats the track list is sure to surprise and delight class.


Warm Up  Go The Distance 4/4  (8x8) 
Pliés  Sailing/Home Away From Home 3/4  (16x8) 
Slow Tendus  Can't Smile Without You/Close to You (They Long To Be) 4/4  (16x8) 
Tendus  Lambada  4/4  (8x8) 
Tendus  Don't You Want Me/Japanese Boy 4/4  (16x8) 
Tendus  Livin' La Vida Loca 4/4  (8x8) 
Degage  Violinski Clog Dance 6/8  (8x8) 
Glissées  Merrily We Roll Along/Agadoo 2/4  (8x8) 
Ronds de Jambe à Terre  Pocahontas Medley: Colors of the Wind/If I Never Knew You  3/4  (16x8) 
Fondus  Only You  4/4  (8x8) 
Battement Frappés  Amarillo (Is The Way To)/I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) 2/4  (16x8) 
Petits Battements  Firework 2/4  (8x8) 
Ronds de Jambe en L’air  Theme from Huckleberry Finn and His Friends 3/4  (8x8) 
Développés  Somewhere 3/4 (8x8) 
Adagio    Theme from Out Of Africa 4/4  (8x8) 
Grand Battements  Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now/Physical 4/4  (16x8) 
Grand Battements en Cloche  Potter Waltz (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) 3/4  (8x8)

Stretch  Out Here On My Own 4/4  (16x8) 
Stretch  I Believe I Can Fly 3/4  (8x8)


Ports de Bras  Theme from Terms of Endearment 4/4  (8x8) 
Battements Tendus Downtown 4/4  (8x8) 
Battements Tendus  Hit The Road Jack 4/4  (8x8)
Grand Battements  Movie Medley: Theme from Star Wars 4/4  (8x8) Theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark 4/4  (8x8) (4 count intro in between) Theme from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 4/4  (8x8) Theme from Superman 4/4  (8x8)
Fondus/Adage  I Giorni 3/4  (8x8) 
Set Up Pirouette  Go West 4/4  (8x8) 
Pirouettes  Theme from Downton Abbey 3/4  (16x8) 
Pirouettes  Annie's Song 3/4  (16x8) 
Pirouettes  Supersonic 3/4  (16x8) 
Warm Up Jump  Theme from Only When I Laugh 2/4  (16x8) + stop time 
Warm Up Jump  Over There 2/4  (8x8) 
Warm Up Jump  Theme from Blind Date 2/4  (8x8) 
Petit Allegro  Eliza Aria 4/4  (16x8) 
Petit Allegro  Let Yourself Go 2/4  (16x8) 
Petit Allegro  Tell Her About It 4/4 (16x8) 
Medium Allegro  Why Do Fools Fall In Love 4/4  (16x8) 
Medium Allegro  Sway 4/4  (16x8) 
Grand Allegro  He's a Pirate (Pirates of The Caribbean) 3/4  (16x8) 
Grand Allegro  Golden Brown 3/4  (16x8) 
Coda  Theme from Dallas 2/4  (8x8) 
Port de Bras/Reverence  Endless Love 3/4  (8x8) + (2x8)

  1. Really good CD review by Marisa on 03/03/2014

    I can recommend this CD and also West End to Broadway by the same pianist, the tunes are beautiful, some of them quite funny but that is great as it makes my students smile. The speed is also perfect for my classes.

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