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  • Floor-Barre® Series 7
  • Floor-Barre® Series 7

Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® Series 7 - For Active Elders

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Floor-Barre® For Active Elders: For Strengthening, Alignment & Flexibility

Featuring Zena Rommett, Master Teacher & Originator of Floor-Barre®. Introduction by Floor-Barre® Phylicia Rashad.  Also featuring Liso Starrlett. “The older one gets, the harder we have to work on our bodies.” (Zena Rommett)

Part I Workout geared to Active Elders

Part II Workout if you have difficulty getting up and off the floor.

Floor-Barre® is a gentle, highly effective and therapeutic method. The continual correcting of alignment and strengthening of joints addresses many muscular-skeletal functions. Doctor Recommended.

Beginner / Intermediate level

Running Time: 69 minutes


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Dance Online are proud to be Europe's sole distributors of Zena Rommett's series of Floor Barre DVDs, until now only available from America.

Zena Rommett is the originator of the most widely recognised method of floor barre, used by professional dancers all over the world, particularly in New York City where this technique has been practised since the 1960s. "Floor-Barre" is a registered trademark belonging to the Zena Rommett Foundation. You can find out more about Zena Rommett by visiting www.floor-barre.org.

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